IA Trans has taken out shipping agent insurance with ZK LEV INS AD. You can view the insurance policy at the following link. You can find out their insurance policy here. Our other two companies, BMS TRANS LTD and RECOM, licensed in international transport and working solely as subcontractors of IA Trans,

have the relevant carrier liability (CMR) with ZK LEV INS AD and ARMEEC INSURANCE JSC. You can view their insurance policies here. Details of items covered by insurance, covered and uninsurable risks can be found here.

The subject matter of the insurance, covered and non-covered risks, can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further details.

Under the Standard Trading Conditions (STC) of the NSBS, the Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road (CMR) and other relevant legislation, the liability of shipping agents and carriers is limited in scope and is always in conformity with fault-based liability. If you wish to cover larger-scale damage or widen the scope of reasons for insurance, we suggest you take out
cargo insurance and/or property insurance for warehouse goods.

We at IA Trans EOOD will assist you in selecting the right cover and will insure your goods on your behalf if you so request (costs covered by the insurance holder).

Safe and secure

Take advantage of our 10-year experience in providing effective solutions for transport and logistics both in Bulgaria and Europe as a whole.

Expert delivery

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices to track movements, guaranteeing round-the-clock control and tracing of all your packages and parcels.

24/7 maintenance

At IA Trans we have a maintenance team which is always ready to focus its energies on solving any relevant issues you have in support of your business.

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